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Indian Stuffed Breads - Parathas

Plain Paratha$2.5Add
(Whole Wheat Bread in Indian Style Cooking)
Aloo Paratha$3.5Add
(Bread Filled with Potato and Indian Spices and Herbs)
Pyazi Paratha$3.5Add
(Stuffed Bread with Onion, Hint of Indian Spices and Herbs)
Chini Ka Paratha$3.5Add
(Sugar Bread)
Ajwain ka Paratha$3.5Add
(Caraway Seeds)
Chawal Paratha$3.5Add
(Rice Stuffed Bread)
Gobhi Paratha$3.95Add
(Cauliflower Stuffed Bread with Indian Spices and Herbs)
Mooli Paratha$3.95Add
(Grated White Radish)
Mixed Veg Paratha$3.95Add
(Mixed Vegetables with Aromatic Spices)
Palak Paratha$3.95Add
(Leafy Spinach Stuffed Bread with Indian Spices and Onion)
Pudina Paratha$3.95Add
(Mint Flavored Bread)
Dhaniya Paratha$3.95Add
(Cilantro & Onion Stuffed Bread with Indian Spices & Herbs)
Methi Paratha$3.95Add
Meetha Paratha$3.95Add
(Coconut with Sweet Flavor)
Veg. Keema Paratha$4.95Add
(Soya Protein Enriched Bean)
Paneer Paratha$4.95Add
(Indian Cottage Cheese)
Cheese Paratha$4.95Add
(Mozzarella and Cheddar Stuffed)

Butter / Makhan                                                                        $0.95Add


(Boondi / Veg)

Vegetable Soup                                                                        $4.95Add

Spring Roll - 4 Pcs$4.95Add


Mix Veg. Pakora$6.95Add

Desi Burger$6.95Add
(Mix Veg. and Paneer patty in burger)
Aloo Jeera Poori$7.95Add

Choley Bhature$8.95Add
(Delhi Style)
Amritsar Kulche Choley$11.95Add

Pav Bhaji$8.95Add

Desi Style Noodles$9.95Add

Veg. Manchurian$11.95Add

Paneer Pakora - 8 Pcs$9.95Add

Paneer Tikka Roll$9.95Add

Paneer Tikka$11.95Add

Chilli Paneer$11.95Add

Veg Kebab$11.95Add

Punjabi Desi Tadka

(Chickpeas Cooked with Indian Herbs and Tradional Indian Spices)
Dal Tadka (Dhaba)$10.95Add
(Mixture of 3 Lentils Sauteed with Tomatoes, Ginger and Onion)
Dal Makhani$11.95Add
(Simmered Black Lentils and Red Kidney Beans Sauteed with Tomatoes, Ginger, Onion and Butter)
Kadi Pakora$10.95Add
(Vegetable Chickpea Balls in Yogurt Gravy - Indian Specialty)
(Red Kidney Beans Cooked with Aromatic Indian Spices)
Paneer Choley$11.95Add
(Cottage Cheese and Chickpeas Cooked with Indian Herbs and Spices)
Matar Paneer$11.95Add
(Indian Cottage Cheese and Green Peas)
Saag te Makki Di Roti$11.95Add
(Punjabs specialty)(Seasonal)
Shahi Paneer$12.95Add
(Cottage Cheese Cooked with Creamy Tomato Flavored Sauce)
Saag Paneer$12.95Add
(Spinach with Indian Cottage Cheese)
Kadai Paneer$12.95Add
(Cottage Cheese cooked with Indian Spices, Onion, Green Peppers and Tomatos)
Paneer Tikka Masala$12.95Add
(Paneer Cookes in Tomato and Onion Gravy)
Paneer Butter Masala$12.95Add
(A Cousin of the Favorite Butter Gravy with a Vegetarian Twist)
Malai Kofta$12.95Add
(Potato and Cheese Dumplings Cooked in a Creamy Cashew Sauce)
Paneer Bhurji$14.95Add
(Crushed Cottage Cheese with Tomatoes, Ginger and Onion)

Jeera Rice$5.95Add
(Cumin Infused Rice
Saffron Rice$6.95Add
(Steamed Basmati Rice Infused with Saffron)
Matar Pulao$7.95Add
(Steamed Basmati Rice Cooked with Green Peas)
Vegetable Biryani$9.95Add
(Steamed Basmati Rice with Fresh Vegetables Flavored with Saffron)
Fried Rice$3.95Add
(Lightly Sauteed with the Flavors of Chili, Garlic and Soya Sauce)

Tawa Roti                                                                                            $1.5Add

Tandoori Roti$1.5Add





Garlic Naar$3.95Add

Lachaa Prantha Tandoori$3.95Add


Onion Kulcha$3.95Add

Paneer Kulcha$4.95Add

Chaat Corner

Samose (2Pcs)                                                                                            $2.95Add

Samose Choley$6.95Add

Kachori (2Pcs)$2.95Add

Kachori with Aloo Subji$6.95Add

Tikki (2 Pcs)$2.95Add

Tikki Choley Chaat$6.95Add

Chaat Paapdi$6.95Add

Dahi Bhalla$6.95Add

Bombay Bhel Puri$6.95Add

Gol Gappe (6 Pcs.)$6.95Add

Subz - E - Bahara

Aloo Gobhi$11.95Add
(Fresh Culiflower and Potatoes Cooked with Onion, Ginger in Indian Style)
Mixed Vegetables$11.95Add
(Mixed Vegetables Cooked with Indian Herbs and Spices)
Matar Mushroom$11.95Add
(Fresh Green Peas with Mushrooms and Indian Spices)
(Authentic Way of Eggplant with Indian Spices)
Bhindi (Okra)$11.95Add
(Fresh Okra Simmered with Onion, Tomatoes & Turmeric)
Chefs Special (Made With Soya)

Veg. Chilli Chicken                                                                                            $13.95Add

Veg. Butter Chicken$13.95Add

Veg. Curry Chicken$13.95Add

Veg. Kadhai Chicken$13.95Add


Gulab Jamun (2 Pcs.)                                                                                            $4.95Add

Rasmalai (2 Pcs)$4.95Add


Moong Dal Halwa$4.95Add


Mineral Water Bottle                                                                                            $1.25Add

Pop Can Soda$1.95Add

Masala Tea$2.45Add

Lemon Soda$2.95Add

Salted Lassi$3.5Add

Sweet Lassi$3.95Add

Mango Lassi$4.95Add

Mango Shake$4.95Add

Kesar Badam Hot Milk (Seasonal)$4.95Add

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